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По-долу е показана статията за Джеймс Блиш от свободната енциклопедия Уикипедия, която може да се допълва и подобрява от своите читатели. Текстовото й съдържание се разпространява при условията на лиценза „Криейтив Комънс Признание — Споделяне на споделеното 3.0.

Джеймс Блиш
James Benjamin Blish
американски писател
30 юли 1975 г. (54 г.)
Националност Флаг на САЩ САЩ
Професия писател
Псевдоним Уилям Ателинг-младши
Жанрове научна фантастика
Награди Хюго

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Джеймс Блиш в Общомедия

Джеймс Бенджамин Блиш (на английски: James Benjamin Blish) е американски писател на фантастика.

Биография и творчество

Джеймс Блиш е роден на 23 май 1921 година в Ист-Ориндж в щата Ню Джързи, САЩ. Завършва Колумбийския университет и по време на Втората световна война влиза в армията. Известно време след края на войната започва да се занимава с литература. Неговите най-известни произведения са „A Case of Conscience“ и тетралогията „Okie“. Негов принос е термина газов гигант.


Цикъл „Okie“

  • Earthman, Come Home
  • They Shall Have Stars
  • The Triumph of Time
  • A Life for the Stars

Цикъл „Okie“ (разкази)

  • Bindlestif
  • Okie

Цикъл „After Such Knowledge“

  • A Case of Conscience
  • Doctor Mirabilis
  • Black Easter
  • The Day After Judgement


  • A Torrent of Faces
  • And All the Stars a Stage
  • Jack of Eagles
  • Mission to the Heart Stars
  • The Duplicated Man
  • The Frozen Year
  • The Night Shapes
  • The Quincunx of Time
  • The Seedling Stars
  • The Star Dwellers
  • The Vanished Jet
  • Titan's Daughter
  • VOR
  • Welcome to Mars!

Повести и разкази

  • A Case of Conscience
  • A Dusk of Idols
  • A Matter of Energy
  • A Piece of the Action
  • A Price of a Drink
  • A Private Little War
  • A Style in Treason
  • A Taste of Armageddon
  • A Time to Survive
  • A True Bill
  • A Work of Art
  • Against the Stone Beasts
  • All Our Yesterdays
  • Amok Time
  • And Some Were Savages
  • Arena
  • Assignment: Earth
  • At Death's End
  • Balance of Terror
  • Beanstalk
  • Beep
  • Blackout in Cygni
  • Bread and Circuses
  • Bridge
  • By Any Other Name
  • Catspaw
  • Charlie's Law
  • Citadel of Thought
  • Common Time
  • Court Martial
  • Dagger of the Mind
  • Darkside Crossing
  • Day of the Dove
  • Earthman Come Home
  • Elaan of Troyius
  • Elixir
  • Emergency Refueling
  • Errand of Mercy
  • F Y I
  • First Strike
  • For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
  • Friday's Child
  • Getting Along
  • Giants in the Earth
  • How Beautiful with Banners
  • Is There in Truth No Beauty
  • Journey to Babel
  • King of the Hill
  • Let that Be Your Last Battlefield
  • Let the Finder Beware
  • Metamorphosis
  • Miri
  • Mirror, Mirror
  • Mistake Inside
  • No Jokes on Mars
  • None So Blind
  • Nor Iron Bars
  • Now That Man Is Gone
  • Obsession
  • On the Wall of the Lodge
  • One-Shot
  • Operation – Annihilate!
  • Our Binary Brothers
  • Patterns of Force
  • Plato's Stepchildren
  • Probapossible Prolegomena to Ideareal History
  • Requiem for Methuselah
  • Return to Tomorrow
  • Sargasso of Lost Cities
  • Seeding Program
  • Skysign
  • Solar Plexus
  • Space Seed
  • Spock's Brain
  • Sponge Dive
  • Struggle in the Womb
  • Sunken Universe
  • Surface Tension
  • Sword of Xota
  • Testament of Andros
  • That Which Survives
  • The Abattoir Effect
  • The Alternative Factor
  • The Apple
  • The Art of the Sneeze
  • The Book of Your Life
  • The Bore
  • The Box
  • The Changeling
  • The City on the Edge of Forever
  • The City That Was the World
  • The Cloudminders
  • The Conscience of the King
  • The Corbomite Manuever
  • The Deadly Years
  • The Devil in the Dark
  • The Doomsday Machine
  • The Empath
  • The Enemy Within
  • The Enterprise Incident
  • The Galileo Seven
  • The Gamesters of Triskelion
  • The Genius Heap
  • The Glitch
  • The Homesteader
  • The Immunity Syndrome
  • The Last Gunfight
  • The Lights of Zetar
  • The Mark of Gideon
  • The Masks
  • The Menagerie
  • The Naked Time
  • The Oath
  • The Omega Glory
  • The Paradise Syndrome
  • The Piper of Dis
  • The Return of the Archons
  • The Savage Curtain
  • The Secret People
  • The Shipwrecked Hotel
  • The Squire of Gothos
  • The Thing in the Attic
  • The Tholian Web
  • The Trouble With Tribbles
  • The Ultimate Computer
  • The Unreal McCoy
  • The Void Is My Coffin
  • The Way to Eden
  • The Weakness of RVOG
  • The Writing of the Rat
  • There Shall Be No Darkness
  • This Earth of Hours
  • This Side of Paradise
  • Tiger Ride
  • To Love Another
  • To Pay the Piper
  • Tomb Tapper
  • Tomorrow is Yesterday
  • Turn of a Century
  • Turnabout Intruder
  • Watershed
  • We All Die Naked
  • What Are Little Girls Made Of?
  • Where No Man Has Gone Before
  • Who Mourns for Adonis?
  • Who's In Charge Here?
  • Whom Gods Destroy
  • Wind of an Eye
  • Wolf in the Fold

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